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Travel Makes Changes in Life. Yes we do believe in that....

In 2016, three of us, who are colleagues and friends in the great tourism industry realized that we share a unique interest in travel, exploration, quest, and hospitality.

Moreover, we think that travel makes a lot of changes in everyone's life. We started sharing our experiences and ideas about travel, but it was not easy to come into a conclusion of what exactly we should do to share our common interest.

In 2017, we were clear about what our mission and vision were, making us think and contribute more. Hence, we decided to share our expertise in assisting individuals or groups who would love to travel, explore and experience uniqueness through their journey. This was the time when the foundation of our dream project was formed and we named it "Trip Casterz Holidays".

We started learning more about travel in various sectors to make our team stronger in operating tours. And yes, we now are trained in operating tours in both Domestic and International Sectors. After 2 years of hard work, brainstorming and networking we marked our signature in the tourism industry and on Jan 1st, 2018, our dream came true, Trip Casterz Holidays was officially launched in Kochi, Kerala.

Trip Casterz is a team of travelers who are aspiring to create a community for hardcore travelers who can recognize every individual's dream of exploring new places, learning about various cultures and traditions and to meet new people around the globe.

Be a tourist looking for a luxurious hotel or a cozy comfortable inn, or a traveler looking for some adventurous trip, or someone who is looking forward to relaxation and rest, Trip Casterz is at your assistance.
We will surely make your dream travel an amazing and memorable journey of your life by letting you experience and learn about your own world of travel in a unique way.


Prepare for supercalifragilisticexpialidocious trips and packages, WE ARE YOUNG, WE ARE ONE AND WE ARE ON OUR WAY

“Wanderlust: n. a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world”

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Qatar - Sales Executive


what they say

Anoop Vp

Meera Nair

Awesome trip to Manali!!! Trip casterz had made the whole trip so hustle free and enjoyable. I am generally a "do it yourself travel planner", but when it came to Manali I was very confused at first about the itineraries.Fortunately Trip casterz has all things planned for me.

Anoop Vp


I had an amazing holiday at Goa and your entire team had done all great arrangements. Hope to go on next holiday soon with Trip Casterz

Anoop Vp

Tejaswini Mankar

It was an amazing experience with Trip Casterz Holiday for me and my family. Specially for my parents who are in their second innings. We had 7 days package which covered Ooty, Mysuru, Bangaluru, Coonnor, Coorg. Driver and all the staff was very much cooperative. Looking forward to do more travelling with u.