China is a famous nation in East Asia, whose very large desert, mountains, lakes, grassland, and rivers. China boasts a big number of amazing attractions including relics and antique sites, impressive imperial palaces, awesome natural wonders, delicate water towns, luxurious cultural heritage, and diversified folk customs. It will take years to visit all of these attractions, but it is justly easily to tour the top tourist destinations.

How to reach

how to reach

China is well joined to the cities around the world with many international airports, Hong Kong airport (HKG) being the major one with plenty of connections to other international airports. Other major airports in the country are situated at Beijing, Xiamen, Guangzhou Shanghai and Hangzhou. You can reach China through several direct and non-stop flights. Some of the main airlines of China include Air China, China Eastern, China Southern and Hainan Airlines.

Travelling to China by train is also an option ahead Chinese border. Many trains from Russian and the Kazakhstan Trans-Siberian Express go though China. The non-stop travel takes around one week by train. There are international services that operate between Moscow and Beijing on both the Trans-Mongolian Railway (via Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia) and Trans-Manchurian Railway (via northeastern China)

Many countries borders China and it is possible to reach the country by road, either by a hired vehicle or by bus. Travellers can China from Pakistan via Karakoram Highway, from Vietnam through two border crossings and can also be approached from Laos and Myanmar from Nepal via Tibet (less common)