Kanyakumari - Cape Comorin

The place has its own exceptional beauty which gives a treasured and refreshing experience. British referred as ‘Cape Comorin’, which means land which Infiltrated into the Sea. Kanyakumari got its name from Goddess Kanyakumari Amman.

Normally the dusk and dawn in Kanyakumari are finely attractive, however on a full moon day Kanyakumari has breathtaking sight when sun and moon are neighboring to each other at night and reflecting light to the sea.

Kanyakumari is an important Hindu Pilgrim centre and draws huge tourists’ population from all over the world. Some of the worth-visiting tourists’ attractions are Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Kumariamman Temple, Gandhi Memorial, Government Museum and Suchindram Temple. The pleasant atmosphere, perfect Sunrise and Sunset and colorful beaches will soothe your mind and soul

How to reach

how to reach

Located at a distance of about 67 kms, the closest Airfield to Kanyakumari is that the Trivandrum International Airport. The Airport is served by all vital Domestic and International Airlines flying from completely different parts of India and Abroad. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or a cab to Kanyakumari which will cost you somewhere between Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 1,500.

Kanyakumari has its own Train Station and Trains from major cities of India stop at this junction. Kanyakumari Express is well-connected to Mumbai and Bangalore. Apart from this, the second nearest station is that the Trivandrum Central Train Station, that is well connected to the majority Indian cities. Once you reach Trivandrum Central, you'll either board another train to Kanyakumari Junction or Rent a Taxi to Kanyakumari Town.

Tamil Nadu and Kanyakumari Road Transport Corporation provide regular fleet of Buses to most of the main cities of South India. You can make a choice from Deluxe, Regular and Private Buses that run between Kanyakumari and Bangalore, Trivandrum and city.